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Jules called Michael and confronted him, and it didn't go very well. "You're supposed to be with your children," she said, prompting Michael to insist he was going to see them that afternoon. "I almost want to shake him and be like, ' What's wrong with you? "It's with great sadness that Tom & I agreed to divorce," the mother of two announced on Twitter Thursday."We care for each other very much, hope you respect our privacy during this sad time!Nevertheless, the wedding went off without a public hitch on New Year's Eve.While their early months of marriage appeared to be marital bliss from the outside, by the time June rolled around, cracks began to appear in the couple's facade, particularly when Page Six reported Luann slapped her husband in a New York City restaurant."It's a sad time. Unfortunately, expectations were not met," a source told E! "Everyone knew this would be the end result, but no one knew it was going to happen today." Here's how everything unfolded for this eventful, but ultimately short-lived couple: On their first Valentine's Day as a married couple, Lu Ann took a moment to gush about her husband. "If something was going on, they kept it to themselves." However, just a few days later, the reality star announced her plans to divorce. News has learned that Luann is now planning on going on vacation.

"It's a little weird that the man that you just slept with eight weeks ago is now engaged to your girlfriend. " Then Ramona stormed upstairs to get herself some scrambled eggs. "I've heard that he himself isn't very wealthy, and he only dates very wealthy women and that they pay for everything," Bethenny began before dropping the actual bomb.

"I invite her here, and all she can talk about is how she dated Tom?

star and her businessman beau have called it quits and announced their divorce a mere seven months later.

The source told the publication, 'There has been friction from the start, [as] they got married so fast, they didn’t really know each other,' noting that de Lesseps - who began dating D’Agostino less than two years ago - can be something of 'a drama queen.'There were plenty of sensitive issues swirling around D’Agostino even prior to his exchange of vows with de Lesseps, as he was in past romances with her castmates Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer.

More tension stemmed from another castmate in Bethenny Frankel, who exposed D’Agostino's wandering ways when she revealed to de Lesseps pictures of the businessman smooching a Playboy model he once dated just prior to an engagement party for the pair in February 2016.

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Troubled waters: Lu Ann de Lesseps, 52, and Tom D’Agostino Jr., 50, are encountering problems in their young marriage, insiders told the New York Post Sunday.

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