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Steve carrell dating

Feel free to add your own additions to this list.1. But it's got a young, good looking Kate Winslet showing a little boobage in a PG-13 movie!

Titanic- It was the biggest movie of all time for a reason, people! Man, do you know how many prepubescent males wear out the rewind button on the DVD player for that scene alone!??

There's Something About Mary-Perhaps the romantic comedy of all time. Now, it's your turn to tell me about some of your favorites!

And make no mistake, this Farrelly Brothers comedic masterpiece is a romantic comedy at its core. 7 Lessons I Learned From Chick Flicks More from Gal Should You Expect Flowers on the First Date?

And Olly Murs, 33, looked as though he was taking tips from the TV star as he was seen heading out of the gym on Wednesday in LA, during which he too opted for a revealing look - although his was seemingly unwitting.Believe it or not, there are some "chick flicks" that appeal to the male species!By: SMF Marcus Osborne for Gal Okay, I think we all agree on the merits of "chick flicks." We can all agree that there are no merits!The Break-Up- Bottom line here, women love Jennifer Aniston and guys love Vince Vaughn. Related: How to Get Your Guy To Watch a Chick Flick 3. A slacker dude hooks in for a one night stand with a hot news reporter and she gets pregnant? Another romantic comedy with very little "romantic" and plenty of comedy for the guys, and just enough sappiness for the ladies - "You make me want to be a better man." Plus, dudes love Jack Nicholson.8.He's freaking hilarious and she's extremely cute. Not the ol', "I -was- crazy- for- leaving -you -and- now- I'm- gonna -chase -your -cab -to- the- airport- before- you- get- on -the- plane -to- leave- forever- and -tell -you- how- I- can't- live- without -you- and -we -get- back- together -and -live- happily -ever -after" ending. Jerry Maguire- This movie is rescued from most of its super-sappiness by Cuba Gooding Jr.'s over-the-top, Oscar winning performance. On top of that, he and his buddies are building a "Vagtastic" website? 40 Year Old Virgin-The humor sucks every guy into this movie - the sweet innocence of Steve Carrell's character, Andy Stitzer, and the fact that many women can relate to Mary Steenburgen's character, Trish. Thelma & Louise- The female Butch and Sundance - girls with guns on the run from the law! Notting Hill- Any story where the dorky English guy (Hugh Grant) pulls a hot film superstar (Julia Roberts) is every guy's dream.

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