Stacey nelkin woody allen dating

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Stacey nelkin woody allen dating

While Dylan has gotten herself some serious help it’s very clear that the recent praise for him has really dredged up the memories- so much so that she needed to be heard, finally.While none of us were actually there and so we can’t say for certainty what happened between Woody and Dylan, it’s painfully clear that her memories are very real to her and have disrupted her life.Looks like Barbara Walters isn't the only one with Woody Allen's back!Piers Morgan interviewed the 78-year-old filmmaker's ex-girlfriend Stacey Nelkin on Monday night's show and, believe it or not, she RUSHED to his defense.

In it she gave a detailed account of a sexual attack at age 7 while alone with Woody.

Uuhh, doesn't that also mean they got together when she was a minor?

We aren't sure this revelation is going to garner the A-list auteur any additional support.

In the early 1960s, Allen began performing as a stand-up comedian, emphasizing monologues rather than traditional jokes.

As a comedian, he developed the persona of an insecure, intellectual, fretful nebbish, which he maintains is quite different from his real-life personality.

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At least we know for sure that one woman had an extremely questionable and possibly illegal relationship with Woody and was able to rebound nicely.