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Sex shat

In interviews, Nugent has provided varying accounts of how he avoided a seat on a troop transport to Southeast Asia.In a 1977 High Times interview, he claimed to have stopped bathing a month before his draft physical, adding that he showed up for the exam with pants “crusted” with urine and feces.

The 1-Y classification was usually issued to candidates saddled with significant medical or mental issues.

Nugent’s 1-Y deferment remained in effect until 1972, when the classification was abolished.

He was then reclassified as 4-F, which covered registrants not qualified for military service.

In his High Times interview, Nugent recalled his glee at evading the chance to defend his country (though he mixed up the 1-Y and 4-F deferments).

“And in the mail I got this big juicy 4-F,” he said.

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