Letters of paul dating

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Letters of paul dating

VAU or WAW (PEG): is the archetype of male fertilization that is required for creation. CAPH (PALM of the hand): The archetype or prototype of receivers, or containers, from which other containers are copies.LAMED (STAFF): The principle of the conscious connecting link.These discoveries raise the question, what did the apostle Paul look like? Neither his own writings nor the Acts of the Apostles, the two canonical sources of information about the apostle to the Gentiles, contain any physical description. eyebrows thick and dark and joined in the middle; his nose both narrow and hooked; his eyes red-rimmed in that tremendous skull; a swift mouth, moist red lips …The first known description comes from a work of popular fiction dated to the end of the 2nd century entitled he was a man of middling size, and his hair was scanty, and his legs were a little crooked, and his knees were projecting, and he had large eyes and his eyebrows met, and his nose was somewhat long, and he was full of grace and mercy; at one time he seemed like a man, and at another time he seemed like an angel. an orange worm of a scar at the hairline., I deliberately shied away from the traditional image of the bow legged tiny man.The word “Elah” means the “Powerful Leader who keeps us together and wraps his arms around us.” And “Elahim” is the plural of “Elah” or “Powerful Leaders who do the same as Elah.” (The modern Hebrew spelling of these names, Eloah and Elohim, are a departure from the use of the ancient Hebrew vowels aleph, he, yod, vau.)For example, the Tetragammatron, [yod, he, vau, he] is all vowels, contrary to popular opinion and practice, and would be pronounced “Hebrew is a theological language and the letters themselves express a relation with the Creator that transcends any other.The letters are divided into three groups of nine letters, each group is 10 times “more powerful” than its predecessor.Until the day after the seventh Sabbath (you count fifty days), then you shall bring a new grain offering to Eyahuwah.

AYIN (EYE): The illuminating principle behind the act of conception.

When this is brought into focus then another mystery is solved. Though we have a physical existence now, it is not our final and only life.

We are physically alive, but spiritually living in the womb. Then we will grow and fulfill our reason for having Life.

These are called the First Fruits and a High day on the 15th day of the 3rd month of the Revealed calendar celebrates their Life.

According to the Torah, no , you shall count for yourselves seven completed Sabbaths.

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