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Kehlani parrish dating

As a man who outed a fellow guy, Russell became the butt of jokes online.

As for Kehlani, it's unclear how exactly the criticism of her love life and allegations of cheating affected her, and what led up to the attempt on her life.

However, Irving clearly is upset over the rumors and the toll they took on Kehlani — and, seemingly, in the role that Party Next Door played in the process.

For days, a segment of the Internet has been consumed with R&B singer Kehlani's love life, harshlycriticizing her amid speculation that she cheated on Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving with her ex-boyfriend.

She also denied that she had cheated on Irving by getting together with the rapper, whom she called her "first love." "I am severely utterly in love with my first love.

Went thru a bad breakup and ended up easing into a relationship with a man who was one of my bestfriend.

That’s because Tyga was eight years older than Jenner and started dating her before she turned 18.Kylie Jenner may be addressing her relationship withdrawal from Tyga by moving into a romance with another hip-hop artist with an even more absurd stage name, Party Next Door.Various publications are reporting that Jenner, 18, and PND, 22, have been spending time together.Further underscoring those different standards: the way the public reacted to cheating allegations of another basketball-musician couple, Iggy Azalea and her fiance, Los Angeles Lakers' Nick Young.Kehlani Parrish apparently attempted suicide Monday after rumors surfaced that the R&B singer had cheated on her ex-boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving, with rapper Party Next Door.

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I do not justify the picture or what dude did to try and spark all of this non sense that could have been avoided, but Me and Kehlani were not dating when the picture came out.

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  1. I want to inform anyone out there who wants to give up finding true love in here or who's pessimistic because of the negative stories maybe they've been told, never give up.