Ipod not updating podcasts swirl dating websites

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Ipod not updating podcasts

Zune is a discontinued brand of digital media products and services marketed by Microsoft.Zune included a line of portable media players, digital media player software for Windows PCs, a music subscription service known as a "Zune Music Pass", music and video streaming services for the Xbox 360 game console via the Zune Software, music, TV and movie sales, and desktop sync software for Windows Phone.Zune also provided music streaming for United Airlines inflight after a partnership in 2010.The Zune hardware players were discontinued in October 2011.A firmware update brought picks and an improved the TV-out experience to the Zune HD.On March 15, 2011, Microsoft announced that no new Zune hardware players would be developed, although existing models would remain for sale.

The first generation and later Zune devices included a number of social features, including the ability to share songs with other Zune users wirelessly.

The Zune had failed to capture significant market share after five years against the Apple i Pod, and a recent study by NPD Group indicated that the Zune did not make the list of the five best-selling portable music players in the U. The i Pod has been more successful because of simplicity and had better ratings.

It has also been suggested that there is a much larger trend that standalone music players were giving way to smartphones with personalized, app-driven music.

The only changes to this generation of devices were to the firmware, which was made available for all previous models, and the storage capacity.

Included in this firmware update was the ability to tag and later purchase songs heard on FM radio, channels which can be customized to deliver suggested songs for the user, the games Hexic and Texas Hold' em, support for audiobooks from online stores such as and others that support Over Drive media files, a clock, and changed quicklist functionality.

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